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How to Keep Track of Employee Hours

Today the best way to do business processes is to automate them and this is true also for keeping track of employee hours which is best done by using a time clock software which is automated and saves your business a lot of time. If you are still using timesheets for keeping employee time, even if your employees are just very few, adding these time sheets can really be a hassle. It also takes up a lot of your time. What better way to add up employee hours in a matter of seconds conveniently but by using this software which allows employees to clock in from any computer screen without much hassle. You can find many options out there. A software that allows for unlimited employees is the best one. You should also look for one that offers quality support so that if there are problems with it, then you can easily turn to the company for help. It should be a user friendly and visual friendly software.

If you want an old fashioned way of keeping your employee hours, then you can also use a punch clock. Punch clocks are not expensive and it is also a semi-automated hour tracking device for your employees. You can search online for punch clocks for sale which you can still find, with some offering good bargains. Although punch clocks are convenient for the employee, there is a disadvantage to the business owner. The recording of employee hours may be automated but calculating their total hours is not so you end up spending al lot of time adding up employee hours manually with the use of a calculator. But, it is fun to use punch clocks.

Using time cards and time sheets are the oldest forms of recording employee hours. This method is the cheapest of all since it does not use any devices. If you make time cards yourself, then your cost is very minimal. The disadvantages to this method is a lot more than the other two. If an employee wants to be dishonest about his actual hours to his own gain, then it is easier to do. When it comes to rounding up time, most employees will round it in their favor rather than give the exact time resulting in a few hours a month you are paying for but getting nothing out of. Another disadvantage is the time you spend adding up employee hours manually. But if you are still starting a small business with a few employees, then this can be a perfect solution for you if you instill honesty in your employees.

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